The waste is brought back a fully licensed recycling facility, where it is weighed on a certified weighbridge before being tipped into one of several tipping bays depending upon the type of the waste.


We extract the items that are recyclable via physical and mechanical treatment methods, therefore reducing the waste that would otherwise be heading to landfill.


After the items are sorted, they are separated – for example: Large items such as mattresses, furniture, and carpets and oversized bits of wood, and metal are removed and sent to separate bins for recycling.



Now that the mixed waste has been effectively separated into single waste streams such as manmade fibreboards, recycled paper, cardboard, metal, newspaper, wood etc. they are then sent to their next destination for further processing. Construction waste like bricks, rubble, concrete & stone (also called ‘ recycled aggregates’) are crushed using state of the art equipment and graded into aggregates and re-used in a lot of different processes.

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